Back to School Safety: Where to Place Hand Sanitizer Stations

Back to school safety - where to place hand sanitizer stations

Health and safety have always been top priorities in schools, but as communities prepare for a return to in-person learning after the pandemic, these topics are of particular importance. Educators and school administrators have put great effort into creating a safe environment for students to learn during the pandemic, and we've made great strides in finding ways to adapt in this crisis. Although the world has been seeing a slow return to normal, it's still critical that schools do everything possible to minimize the spread of illness.

One of the most effective things schools can do to keep staff and students safe is place hand sanitizing stations throughout the building. The following are the best places to keep hand sanitizer for schools:


Ideally, everyone will wash their hands with soap and water after using the restroom. However, many people admit to skipping hand-washing entirely, and this may be especially common for kids. A hand sanitizing station near the bathroom door provides another option for those who rush out of the restroom without stopping at the sink.

Entrances and Exits

Doorknobs and door handles are some of the dirtiest surfaces in any building. Even if you regularly disinfect the handles, people touch them so frequently that sickness can quickly spread from the contact. Every entrance or exit to your school should have a hand sanitizing station so that students, staff, and visitors can disinfect their hands after touching the doorknob.


Washing your hands before eating is one of the most important ways to prevent infection. Schools should have sanitizing stations at the entrance to the cafeteria so that everyone can disinfect their hands before settling down to eat. Students should also be encouraged to sanitize as they leave the cafeteria as they may get germs on their hands while eating.

Reception Office

Visitors to the school typically have to sign in at the receptionist's desk when they arrive. People may have to touch pens, clipboards, or other surfaces as they check in, too, so it can be a vulnerable location for the spread of illness. Install a sanitizing station near the receptionist's desk so that people can clean their hands before they enter the rest of the school.

Multi-purpose Rooms

Computer labs, libraries, and other multi-purpose rooms need a hand sanitizing station as students from different classrooms all touch the same items and equipment in those spaces. If a sick student or staff member enters one of these rooms, it can be very easy for the illness to spread to other people in the school. Place a sanitizing station at the doorway of the room to remind everyone entering the space to disinfect their hands.

Back-to-school season is an exciting yet stressful time for school staff. While you prepare for students to return, don't forget the importance of hand sanitizer for schools. If you place sanitizing stations in the right places, you'll make it easy for students and staff to keep their hands clean and stop the spread of sickness.

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