How Dirty Is Your Mobile Phone Screen?

how dirty is your mobile phone screen?

Most people keep their phone on them at all times and use it more than any other item during the course of a day. But does the average person make sure to keep it clean? Likely not. Think about it. How many germs are you placing in close proximity to your eyes, nose, and mouth when you innocently pick up a call?

It may seem like you’re only spreading your own germs when you do this, but that’s not the case. The truth is, your device is likely loaded with other people’s germs. 

How Many Germs Are on Your Phone?

While toilet seats are often used as a comparison when the topic of germs comes up, they’re actually fairly clean. Toilet seats have about 1,000 bacteria per square inch on them. That’s about as much bacteria that’s on your hand at any given time, assuming that you haven’t just washed it.

Reports of the level of germs on cell phones vary. The average phone has been found to be covered in more than 25,000 bacteria per square inch. Other reports say that the number of bacteria on a mobile phone is closer to 11,000 per square inch. Either way, that’s more than your pet’s food dish, which usually has about 2,110 bacteria per square inch. Yuck!

Why Is Your Smartphone So Dirty?

Your smartphone might not touch everything, but your hands come into contact with a lot of surfaces that other people touch.

You also have to think about how many different places you set your phone. It rests on the counter while you checkout. It rubs against the bus seat from your back pocket when you sit down. When you go to text your mom, you pick up those germs and take them with you.

How to Clean Your Phone

The most prevalent types of bacteria on phones are strains that are found on the human body. Some of them can make you sick, especially if you have immune problems.

You can prevent germs from getting on your mobile phone in the first place:


  • By stashing it away when going to use the bathroom
  • By washing your hands frequently, especially if you are about to use your phone
Having said this, no matter what you do, your screen is going to get dirty, so you should think about cleaning it! One of the easiest ways to clean your mobile is by using phone wipes. These contain an alcohol concentration that kills bacteria.

They’re individually wrapped, so aren’t at risk of being contaminated. Plus, they’re handy for stashing in your bag, car, office and home to wipe down your mobile phone or your hands whenever you need to.

You can pick up a box of phone wipes at Terraboost and keep your phone screen clean all day!

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