What Is a "Flow Pack?

In addition to multiple types of hand sanitizers, Tazza offers sanitizing wipes for purchase by case or in bulk. Tazza Flow Pack Wipes are a resealable package of sanitizing and surface cleaning wipes. The package resembles baby wipes you'd buy at the store and they are perfect classrooms, backpacks, desks, and numerous other locations. Flow Packs are available in quantities of 20, 80 to 160 of wipes per pack, making sure you always have enough wipes on hand. Flow Packs also come with the option of 70% Alcohol wipes or Alcohol Free wipes (using BZK). To make Flow Packs even better, Tazza offers a Flow Pack Dispenser that easily adheres to any wall, making it the perfect sanitizing touch to any location. 


Schools and Universities love our wipe dispensers because they take up little space and are easy to grab and go. There is no constant touching of the classroom sanitizer bottle and our wipes are gentle on the skin but tough on surfaces. Many of our clients mount the dispensers near door handles, high trafficked areas, and even distribute to their faculty and students to keep them clean and sanitized.  The CDC recommends cleaning your classroom 8x per day.  Tazza products are here to help ensure the safety of school staff and students amidst the pandemic, click here to sign up for our bulk pricing and save 40% on your first order with a FREE dispenser per case purchased.


Some of our happy School and University partners:


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