Why Choose Alcohol Free?

When it comes to staying germ-free, many think the best option is to snag hand sanitizer or hand wipes and rid ourselves of bacteria. Aside from washing your hands to stay germ-free, sanitizers and anti-bacterial wipes are the next best option, right? Well, not exactly.

If you have children, are around children often, or even have sensitive skin, an alcohol-free sanitizer is your next best alternative. It may not be anyone's first impression that alcohol can be harmful to children, especially when you are hyper-focused on killing the bacteria living on your hands. Alcohol-based sanitizers and hand wipes are created with Isopropyl and Ethyl Alcohols. These types of alcohol can be very drying on the skin and are toxic if swallowed.

Alternative sanitizing solutions created from BZK are alcohol-free, scent-free, and skin safe for kids and adults alike. BZK does not dry out the skin and doesn't sting if applied to a scrape or burn. This solution is also FDA approved and antibacterial.

Tazza Brand Alcohol-Free Wipes and Sanitizers can be purchased here.

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